Super B – bike tools

Bike tools

We have been engaged in hand tool field for almost 20 years and in professional bike tool field for over 10 years, although, we are a young company in bike field, innovation and evolution are our passion.

Super B offers the best bike tool technology innovations and design capabilities, making it a world leading bike tool brand that is also one of the world’s top manufacturers.

We have been formed an exclusive system with reliable partners in some countries all over the world to ensure all users with immediate service and been known as one of the most advanced bicycle tool manufactures around the globe under our own brand—Super B.

Aiming at top quality, we focus on R&D, and quality-control in production. Over than 200 assorted items as full collection and there are around 20-30 new products launched every year with up-to-dated equipment and qualified team, we monitor every step from manufacturing, production, finished products to packing until the products are sent to our consumers. With this total quality management, Super B has continued to impress all consumers.

In the future, we will constantly upgrade the appearance, function, quality, efficiency of bike tools and expand our service network. Moreover, we will continue to be a trouble-shooting pioneer in bike tool field to satisfy your needs.